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New Candy Glassware!
Apothecary Glassware - Just Arrived.
So excited to be able to share our new range of glassware with you all.  The glassware ranges in height from 9.5cm through to 55cm.  We have included some large striking vessels to allow you to create impact within your display as well some dainty smaller ones to add fullness and variety.  Each piece comes individually boxed and can be bought as a single piece or as a cohesive group.
Feel free to email us with any questions or queries you may have. 

Jack and Zara!
Wedding Rock Candy - Guest Bomboniere.
We combined our strawberry hearts rock candy with 70g glass jars and personalised labels to create these lovely little bombonieres for Jack and Zara.  This candy can be purchased by the kilo which makes it perfect for small weddings and events.  A simple candy, packaged in an elegant and timeless fashion = a lovely way to commemorate such a romantic day! 
Wedding Rock Candy Bomboniere

A Little Bit Blue!
Christening Lolly Buffet - Le Sands Pavillion, Brighton-Le-Sands.
David's christening invitation featuring dark blue, light blue and red vintage planes sparked the inspiration for his christening lolly bufftet table.  His doting Aunty made some white chocolate truffles and chocolate coated strawberries which were later added to the platters at the front of the display.  These added the touch of red we neededfor the lolly buffet whilst the blueberry clouds, raspberry bon bons, jelly beans and choo choo bars took care of the blue.  The gorgeous dark and light blue 80g round rock candy lollipops were made in raspberry and proved very popular.
Blue Christening Lolly Buffet