What is a Lolly Buffet?

A lolly buffet (also known as a candy bar, candy buffet, lolly bar or lolly table) is a collection of different sized and shaped glassware filled with anything sweet and colourful.  It acts as a gorgeous decoration as well as a tasty indulgence.  Lolly buffets can be used as a dessert, a snack station or as your bomboniere or thank you gift - or a combination of all three!  Lolly buffets are extremely popular in the US and UK and are steadily becoming the latest addition to personal and corporate events here in Australia.

Can i individualise my Lolly Buffet?

Absolutely!  Every SugarCube Lolly Buffet is designed with a specific event and purpose in mind.  The size of the buffet, the types of lollies and sweets, the colour theme and style will all be individualised to suit you.

What sorts of lollies can i have?

We have a huge list of sweets for you to choose from.  It includes brand named lollies such as Allens, Mars, Lindt, Cadburys and Trolli to more novel ideas.  We have developed strong ties with local and national suppliers to ensure that we can provide you with all the sweets your heart desires!  If you cannot see it on our list, we will try to source i for you.
Specialty items such as tasty cup cakes (mini and regular), biscuits/cookies, delightful macarons and gourmet sweets can also be added to your buffet. 

Do i need to provide anything?

No.  SugarCube provides all of the glassware, the lollies, scoops and tongs, noodle boxes and even the table and linen (if required).  We will provide "child-friendly" vessels if you are having a children's buffet so you do not have to worry about the dangers of glass.  We will liase with your venue for you in order to organise all of the details - you just need to choose the style of buffet, colour and lollies and we will do the rest!

Will there be enough lollies in my buffet?

SugarCube determines the size of your buffet dependent on the number of guests at your event.  Our buffets are large enough for guests to indulge in during your event, and then take home to enjoy later.

What happens if one of the glass jars breaks?

Accidents do happen.  We take a security deposit prior to your event which will be used to cover the costs of any damage or loss to SugarCube property during your event.  The security deposit covers all of SugarCube's property from the table and table linen, through to the theming props, decorations and glass and tableware.

How do i book a SugarCube Lolly Buffet?

Simply contact us via phone or email to discuss a booking.

What happens once i book a SugarCube Lolly Buffet?

Once you contact us via email / phone, we will confim that your date is available.  We will then provide you with a quote for the buffet and services requested.  Once you have paid your 25% deposit, we will email you confirmation of the specific details of your SugarCube Lolly Buffet along with the amount outstanding.  Paying your 25% deposit will ensure that the date you have requested is locked into our books - i.e. no-one else can book the same date.
The outstanding balance (along with the $200 security deposit) needs to be paid one month prior to your event date.

Security Deposit

A $200 security deposit is to be paid with your outstanding balance 1 month prior to your event.  The security deposit will only be used if SugarCube property is damaged or misplaced during the course of your event.  This deposit will be transferred back into your account within 5 business days of the successful completion of your event.

What area do you service?

SugarCube is based in Sydney and will set up lolly buffets almost anywhere!  Events outside of a 30km radius from our base in Cherrybrook (2126) will incur travel fees dependent on the distance we have to travel to reach your event (both ways). 

When will my buffet be setup?

SugarCube will ensure that your buffet is set up 2 hours prior to the start of your event, unless otherwise requested by yourself or the venue.


Can Lolly Buffets be set up outside?

Lolly buffets can be set up indoors or outdoors and actually look particular lovely outside.  We can set up our buffets at any venue - from cruise boats to boardrooms, gardens to function centres, SugarCube will ensure that your buffet looks stunning and functions well.


What happens to any lollies leftover at the end of the event?

All leftover lollies are yours to keep!!  We ask you to nominate a friend or relative to be trusted with the important task of taking any leftover sweets home with them after the event on your behalf.

 What do i do about my bombonieres?

A lolly buffet can act as your bomboniere!  SugarCube provides noodle boxes with every buffet which allows your guests to fill them with a selection of goodies from the lolly buffet and take home with them as a thank you for sharing in your event.  These boxes, combined with our handmade labels, ribbons or stickers make the perfect personalised bomboniere gift for your guests.

Can you provide bomboniere boxes pre-filled with sweets?

Yes, SugarCube can provide 8 and 16oz noodle boxes filled with brand name lollies for you to use as bombonieres or thank you gifts.  These can be decorated and personalised with ribbons, handmade labels or stickers.  Contact us for further information.

What other bombonieres can SugarCube create for me?

SugarCube can create stunning personalised wedding rock candy that can be packaged into glass jars or personalised noodle boxes - ideal as your wedding favour or gift for guests at a birthday party or anniversary dinner.
We also create gorgeous rock candy lollipops which can be made in whatever colour and flavour you choose.  these look gorgeous when paired with a swing tag and ribbons and make a lovely gift.

How can SugarCube help with corporate branding?

SugarCube can customise a lolly buffet in your corporate colours.

SugarCube can provide your guests or clients with noodle boxes branded with your company logo or message for use with your lolly buffet.

SugarCube now supplies noodle boxes pre-filled with lollies for you to give to guests/clients as gifts.  These boxes can be personalised or branded depending on the use and occasion.

SugarCube can provide you with customised rock candy You choose the text, colour and flavour and we can create your very own trademark candy.  Consider combining this with any of our packaging options.

What is the minimum order for personalised rock candy?

The minimum order for personalised rock candy is 10kg.

Can logos be incorporated into the personalised candy?

Yes, your logo can be added but it is subject to approval by the confectioners.

What packaging options do you provide with the personalised candy?

You can choose to have your personalised candy packaged into clear sealed bags (any size from 20 - 200g), glass jars or noodle boxes.  Corporate or personalised stickers can be added to any of the packaging options.